www.wardellforcongress.com was the website of Conservative candidate Michael Wardell who ran for Congressman in  the seventh district of Missouri. Michael Wardell served as a United States Marine and served from 1984 too 2001. He left the service due to injuries sustained, which left him wheelchair bound.

As part of his campaign he had many goals to aid his mission to be a congressman. These ranged from creating more jobs with relevant tax relief. Controlling budgets and spending whilst controlling the balance was high in the agenda but this was dictated by the goal of not borrowing more money. Abolishing the death tax and capital gains as well as creating a plan to aid America to provide more energy to be used by Americans.

He held and attended many campaign events such as the barbecue in Cassville and Ozark Empire E-Plex debate for candidates of the election.

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Troubled ownership

With millions of pet owners there is always a risk that their pet will go missing. This is on the whole not due to theft, although there is obviously a market for stolen pedigree animals. Many lost pets are normally lost because the animals have taken themselves on a stroll and misplaced themselves. This of course can be for various reasons. For dogs this could be chasing a bird following the built in instinct or maybe just following someone else and their dog that are out for a walk. Cats are a different ball game. Cats get lost more than any other pet with sometimes sad consequences. Yet lost cats are often  found curled up in a ball somewhere warm such as garages and sheds. If searching for pets is unsuccessful there are now speciality companies that aid people searches for missing pets with various means such as poster campaigns and sniffer dogs searches.

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